Famous people who were originally male strippers

Numerous celebrities have had other “careers” before they became famous. Some are more mundane than others. Before they made it big in the entertainment business, some stars were strippers. It is not surprising that many celebrities started their careers as performers and dancers in the theatre. Everyone knows Channing Tatum but did you know about:


Javier Bardem, a Spanish superstar once admitted that he once had the experience of being a stripper. He shared his story about going to a male strip club where he danced and was paid money. His mom and sister saw the performance of his male stripper, but it was a disaster. The Oscar-winning star was uncertain of his options in Hollywood so he tried out different jobs. Take a look at where he is today!


Chris Pratt is a star in many blockbuster movies. After dropping out from a local college, he was once a day-stripper. Chris worked as a bachelorette or birthday party host at the tender age of 18. He has since grown as an actor, and has moved beyond his dancing days.

Jamie Durie

Jamie Durie started his career as a male stripper in Sydney at hens nights with Manpower, an internationally recognized men’s magazine. Jamie was chosen because of his athletic physique and his acrobatic abilities. He was one the original members of Manpower, and helped to build an international brand that would become one of history’s most successful male striptease shows.

Jamie worked as a manager, principal dancer, and costume designer for Manpower for seven-years. He was a male stripper and appeared on Grace magazine covers, calendars, merchandise, and news articles all around the globe.

He received a 4-year diploma from horticultural studies after he retired early from male stripping. Jamie is now the owner of an outdoor gardening and merchandise design company that is in high demand all over the globe.

Male stripping can be a hobby, a profession, or a way to make ends meet and pay off loans. Like these amazing actors and male performers, their experience and good dance moves have taught them a few skills. These men have been a pioneer in male stripping and have demonstrated what talent and performance can do for our lives. While we may be able to see their amazing dance moves, it is not enough. They went through rigorous training and gained skills that aren’t available in other occupations.