MIA Male strippers Sydney FAQ

Q. How do we recognize the stripper’s presence in the function?

A) You will be contacted by the male stripper via the phone or via sms. However, it will be more appropriate if you meet the stripper at the reception itself.

Q. Does MIA perform to a mixed crowd having both boys & girls?

A) The answer is yes. Mixed crowd is done by most of the guys. For such events the MIA will just do a g-string show and an extra charge of $30.

Q. What’s the booking process?

A) You can give us a call or you can write an email. Basically, more the details, the better:

• Choose a minimum 3 guys you like

• Provide the Dates/times/location and type of the party

• Mixed crowd or only girls.

• The Phone number

• Do you want them nude or with only G string

Q What separates the Nude & G string?

A) There is only one real difference between the nude and the g string, and that is the boys will either get completely naked or they will leave their g strings on. In most of the cases the guys will just flash to the hens. But if you feel that your hens will not be able to handle that, you can tell the guys and they’ll adjust accordingly. On the other hand, if your hens really want the ride of her life in that night, you can tell the guys and they will make things raunchier. The guys have a lot of experience and can easily read the expressions of girls when they need to. So you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Q. What are the pre- organizing requisites?

A) The guys from MIA will have everything that’s needed. They will have outfits, props and the music. But if you can organize the following, it would be better:

• You must have a phone with you so that the guys can call you.

• You need to be ready to go once our male stripper arrives.

• You must have the money up front.

• A  room and or bathroom to change in.

• Clearance for hazards & room for the show

• The hen/birthday girl should be seated in the middle of the room

Q. Do the guys have the freshest photos or do they remain the same over time?

A) You don’t have to worry about that aspect because the guys that we have their pictures changed every 12-24 months, and they all have the perfect bodies necessary for all eye candy. We ensure that we are far away from the guys who are not up to the mark.

Q. Do I have to make some deposit?

A) Yes we would like you to:

Direct Deposit through a bank transfer.

The remaining amount must be paid in cash to the male stripper himself.

Q. What is the duration of the entire show?

A) This depends on the kind of show, but for most guys:

• The show lasts for 12 to 15 min G-String & Nude Show.

• All in all it takes 30 minutes, and this includes the time they need to change and take pictures as well

Q. Do the guys from MIA have access to the rural or the suburban parts of the state?

A) The answer is yes. However, for travel beyond 20 km of the CBD, there is a surcharge levied. Many guys travel in the early afternoon or late at Saturday night as they prefer the city b/w 7:00pm-10:00pm.

7:00-10:00 in the day is the busiest time and therefore the boys do not take country jobs during that time

Q. Are we allowed to take pictures during the show?

A) Priorities of every male stripper are different so it’s always a good idea to ask them first.