How Male stripping Began. The History Of Male Strippers

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Although you may have seen the movie about male stripping, which was a huge success and earned about $40 million at the box office. But, it is not the first time that men tried the Full Monty and put on a strip show. Let’s look at the history of male stripping to better understand and appreciate the present.

Naked Dancing since Ancient Greek and Egyptian Times

In ancient Egypt and Greece, male dancing is still performed without clothing. People celebrate occasions and events. Prudery was not developed until the early Victorian era. Although eroticizing the male body was done as entertainment and body-building, it has not been used in full dance. In order to get little postcards, men began wearing clumsy clothes and a tiny fig-leaf. Photography and body-building became a lucrative business. This was the start of male strippers as we know them today.

Post-war Male Dancing

Liverpool, Manchester, and the East End began to host male shows after the war. This was due to body-builders, who temporarily stayed away from the photography sessions. Pubs started hosting regular gay nights, and male dance shows were soon popular in the UK and other seaside towns. Perth was also a popular choice for male strippers.

male strippers sydney, Topless waiters sydney, male strip club sydney
male strippers sydney, Topless waiters sydney, male strip club sydney

The Seventies saw a male stripper.

The history of male stripping is dominated by the seventies and eighties. There were gay clubs and strip shows in London pubs. The popularity of male dancing for women soared when Chippendales, a Los Angeles-based club, was established. The club offered male revue shows that featured them performing a theatrical experience for their audience. These shows are unique and offer “hands-on” experiences. These elements were a hit with women, making the shows a success. LaBare, a Dallas-based club featuring rugged and rough-looking cowboys, experienced the same fate.

Exotic Dancing in 1980s

Male stripping has become a popular pastime thanks to media coverage and press releases. There have been numerous clubs that specialize in male stripping, including ones in Canada, Miami and the UK. While some shows feature tip-based stripping while others perform male revue acts.

Male stripping was popularized in the 1990’s

Male stripping was embraced in other countries, but it was still relatively new in the United States. A single show popularized male stripping and it gained a large following. Saturday Night Live, a comedy program that is very popular, features a stripper audition. This show gave male strippers the spotlight they needed. Male stripping became a hugely popular and well-known trend that has been a hit with hens nights all over the world.

The 21st Century Mainstream

Male stripping became a hugely popular trend as many men groups performed night shows at clubs and private events around the globe. Male revues are now a popular trend in cities and other countries. The entertainment industry explodes with men power as more people support them.

A popular mainstream movie was released in 2012 and sent every woman into a stripping frenzy. Women all over the globe were open to having a professional dancer at their hens, bachelorette and birthday parties after this movie became a blockbuster. The film increased demand for male strippers in America and other countries, such as Australia, Canada, UK, and Australia. Male revues received a boost from the opening of clubs in almost all cities.


Since ancient times, male strippers and male revues have been a part of human history. It has evolved from a way to celebrate and express sexual freedom to entertainment for various events and parties. This industry is a long-standing tradition and will continue to be so. This industry is highly in demand due to patrons and media all around the globe.

If you need a little bit of refreshment and a lot of entertainment, then go to the nearest male strip club. It will amaze you to see the transformation into intricate, choreographed moves by men dressed in elaborate costumes to the best music ever recorded.